workinforest® is a open collective of digital nomads – working collaboratively to develop new sustainable digital concepts.

Many of us are backpackers, hikers, explorers, people who like discovering things. We love being outdoors amongst nature however we are also talented individuals, working hard in digital business. Why not do the work we love in the place our heart belongs?

Our dream is to reconnect people with nature. In our vision, we bring together the spirit of co-working and the serenity of the forest.

We are currently building a new co-living and co-working space deep in the woods.

“I totally love the Idea of getting out to work. The woods free your mind so you get more space for new inspiration.“

Pascal Treichler
Founder of Mopped Clothing Co.

„I love the story! When I was in college, all I wanted was a 4-seasons space that I could go and study but still be outside. For some of us, our brains work best in nature.“

Laura Johnson,
Community Engagement Coordinator,
Milwaukee Succeeds

“Cities are good to build connections and work together but the next big thing will be connecting in pure nature!“

Toni Meuschke
CTO Vinomore, JavaScript Engineer